This blog charts a work-in-progress: Chaos and Conspiracy – the War of Encirclement, 1914-1945. At present it is a patchwork quilt; some sections written, others barely begun, others no more than concepts. As sections appear, you can read and comment, critique, add source suggestions and etc. in the form of your own comments. You can also e-mail this writer at: divebomber183@yahoo.com.  I’ll reply to anything useful. Thanks in advance.



Plan of the Series

Volume I:  Devil’s Alliance – From Sedan to Sarajevo, 1870 – 1914

Volume II:  Huns with Guns – From Tannenberg to Jutland, 1914 – 1916

Volume III:  In Vulkan’s Furnace – From the Somme to  the Collapse of Russia, 1916 – 1918

Volume IVa:  Fake Victory, Class War – From  Kaiserschlacht to Versailles, 1918 – 1919

Volume IVb: Witches’ Dance – From Washington to Warsaw, 1919 – 1921

Volume V: Koba and the Sleepwalker – From Moscow to Rome, Berlin, and Tokyo, 1921 – 1927

Volume VI: Little Wars – Nazi-Zionist Conspiracy, Red Terror, and Japan in China, 1927 – 1939

Volume VII: Strange Attractors – Nazi/Communist Conspiracy and Co-Aggression, 1939 – 1940

Volume VIII: Blitzkrieg in the West – Versailles Avenged, April – June, 1940

Volume IX: Blitzkrieg in the South – Zionist/Communist Conspiracy and the Widening War, June, 1940 – June, 1941

Volume X:  Blitzkrieg in the East – Clash of the Dictators, June – November, 1941

Volume XIa: Big War, Big Treason – Crusader, Moscow, and Pearl Harbor, November – December, 1941

Volume XIb: Vulture at the Feast – Japan in the Pacific, Gazela-Tobruk, and South Russia, December, 1941 – July, 1942

Volume XII: Death Rules – the Atlantic Battle, North Africa, South Pacific, and South Russia, July, 1942 – January, 1943

Volume XIII: Stillborn Empires – Island War, Ocean War, and Global Airwar, March, 1943 – June 1944

Volume XIV: Disasterous Victory: American Imperium, Zionist/Communist Triumph, Cold War, and More Wars, June 1944 – ….

Volume XV: Reflections – Victors’ Lies, Revisionism, and Universal History






2 Responses to About

  1. PatriotUSA says:

    I really enjoy and read your site here. I am old school patriot, Degree in US military history with a dual minor in Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics, 1977 graduate of NAU, Flagstaff, Arizona. Back when college was real with incredibly gifted true conservative educators who gave a damn and university was not a BUSINESS.

    Thank you for what you do here.

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