Bibliography on the 1914-45 World War, II: 1919 – 1945

IX. Versailles 1919: a Gathering of Vultures

            A. Narratives:

  • Castex, Henri: La Conférence de Versailles (1981)
  • Degrelle, Leon: Hitler – Born at Versailles (Costa Mesa, 1987)
  • Dockrill, Michael and J. Goold: Peace Without Promise – Britain and the Peace Conferences, 1919-1923 (Hamden, 1981)
  • Fabre-Luce, A.: La Victoire (Paris, 1924), a.k.a. Limitations of Victory (NY, 1926)
  • Goemans, H. E.: War and Punishment (Princeton, 2000)
  • Keylor, William: “A Re-Evaluation of the Versailles Peace”, Relevance V/3 (Fall, 1996) @
  • Lederer, Ivo (ed.): The Versailles Settlement (Boston, 1960)
  • Macmillan, Margaret: Paris 1919 (NY, 2002)
  • Mee, Charles: The End of Order – Versailles 1919 (NY, 1980)
  • Nock, Albert: Myth of a Guilty Nation (NY, 1922)
  • Schulz, Gerhard: Revolutions and Peace Treaties, 1917-1920 (London, 1967)
  • Sharp, Alan: The Versailles Settlement (NY, 1991)
  • Schmidt, Royal: Versailles and the Ruhr – Seedbed of World War II (The Hague, 1968)
  • Schwengler, Walter: Völkerrecht, Versailler Vertrag und die Auslieferungsfrage – die Strafverfolgung wegen Kreigsverbrechen als Problem des Friedenschlusses (Stuttgart, 1982)
  • Walworth, Arthur: Wilson and his Peacemakers – American Diplomacy at the Paris Peace Conference, 1919 (NY, 1986)


                B. Firsthand Accounts

  • Bonsal, Stephen: Unfinished Business (Garden City, 1944)
  • Dillon, Emile J.: Inside Story of the Peace Conference ()
  • Gatti, A.: Un Italiano a Versailles (1958)
  • Hoover, Herbert: “Ordeal of Woodrow Wilson”, American Heritage IX/4 (June, 1958), pp. 65-85
  • Lansing, Robert: The Peace Negotiations – A Personal Narrative (Boston, 1921)
  • Montoux, Paul: Deliberations of the Council of Four, 24 March – 28 June 1919 (2v., Princeton, 1992)
  • Riddel, (Lord): Intimate Diary of the Peace Conference and After, 1918-1923 (London, 1933)
  • Seely, J. E.: Fear, and Be Slain (), pp. 239-251
  • Shotwell, James: At the Paris Peace Conference (NY, 1937); rev. in J. of Modern History, March 1939


    X. Global Chaos, Class War, and Civil War, 1918-1923

            A. General Narrative Overviews

  • Beard, Charles: Cross-Currents in Europe Today (Boston, 1922)
  • Churchill, W. S.: The World Crisis, Vol. IV – Sftermath (orig. 1929; London, 2007)
  • Taylor, Edmund: The Fall of the Dynasties (Garden City, 1963)
  • Turner, J. K.: Shall It Be Again? (NY, 1922)


            B. Firsthand Accounts


              C. Red Victory – Communist Coup & Civil War in Russia, 1917-1922

                      1. Narratives

  • Bisher, James: White Terror – Cossack Warlords of the Trans-Siberian (NY, 2007); rev. @ J. of Slavic Military Studies XXIII/1 (2010), p. 241
  • Bunyan, James: Intervention, Civil War, and Communism in Russia, April-December 1918. Documents… (Baltimore, 1936)
  • Kenez, Peter: Civil War in South Russia, 1918-1920 (2v., Berkeley, 1977)
  • Luckett, Richard: The White Generals – An Account of the White Movement and the Russian Civil War (NY, 1971)
  • Mohrenschildt, Dimitri: “Early American Observers of the Russian Revolution”, Russian Review III/1 (Autumn, 1943), pp. 64-74
  • Stewart, George: The White Armies of Russia (NY, 1933)
  • Warth, Robert: The Allies and the Russian Revolution – From the Fall of the Monarchy to the Peace of Brest-Litovsk (Durham, 1954)
  • Whitehead, A. W.: The Siberian Intervention (NY, 1969)


                         2. Biographies

  • Fleming, Peter: Fate of Admiral Kolchak (London, 1963)
  • Lehovich, Dimitry: White Against Red – Life of General Anton Denikin (NY, 1974)
  • Starikov, Sergei and R. Medvedev: Philip Mironov and the Russian Civil War (NY, 1978)
  • Wrangel, Alexis: General Wrangel – Russia’s White Crusader (NU, 1987)


                         3. Firsthand Accounts

                                      a. Reds and related

  • “Peace Negotiator”: “Christmas in Brest-Litovsk”, The Living Age (10 February, 1923), pp. 327-333; @
  • Steinberg, I. N.: In the Workshop of the Revolution (NY, 1953)
  • Sukhanov, N. N.: The Russian Revolution of 1917 – A Personal Record (London, 1955)


                                      b. Whites and related

  • Denikin, A. I.: The Russian Turmoil – Memoirs Military, Social, and Political (London, 1920)
  • Mamantov, Serge: Carnets de Route d’un Artilleur à Cheval, 1917-20. Les Chevaux dans la Poussière et dans la Boue (1998)
  • Shandruk, Pavlo: Arms of Valor (NY, 1959)


                                    c. British, American, other Foreign Troops, Civilians, etc.

  • Kindall, Sylvain: American Soldiers in Siberia (NY, 1945); @ http://onlinebooks.library.upenn.ed/ (click “WWI”, “personal accounts”, “extended shelf”, “American”)
  • Singleton-Gates, G. R.: Bolos and Barishnyas – Being an Account of the Doings of the Saidleir-Jackson Brigade and Altham Flotilla on the North Dvina, Summer 1919 (Aldershott, 1920)
  • Sutton, F. A.: One-Arm Sutton (NY, 1933)
  • Williamson, H. N.: Farewell to the Don – The Russian Revolution in the Journals of Brigadier… (NY, 1971)


              D. White Victory: Poland vs. The Red Empire, 1920-21

                      1. Narratives

  • Murray, Kenneth: Wings Over Poland – Story of the 7th (Kosciuszko) Squadron of the Polish Air Service, 1919-1921


                      2. Firsthand Accounts

  • de Wiart, Carton: Happy Odyssey (), pp. 92-121

            E. White Victory: Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Central Europe 1918-1923

                       1. France: after the Diktat

                                   a. Narratives

  • Boswell, Laird: “From Liberation to Purge Trials in the ‘Mythic Provinces’ – Recasting French Identities in Alsace and Lorraine, 1918-1920”, French Historical Studies XXIII/1 (Winter, 2000), pp. 129-162

                                    b. Firsthand

                       2. Germany: French Occupation and the Urban Soviets

                                   a. Narratives

                                   b. Firsthand

  • Kisch, Egon and E. Szatmari: “A Ruhr Tour”, The Living Age (3 March 1923), pp. 499-504; @
  • Peters, Otto (ed.): Kampf um den Rhein – Beitrage zur Geschichte des Rheinlandes und seiner Fremdherrschaft, 1918-1930 (Mainz, 1930)
  • “Ruhr Correspondent”: “On the Eve of the Occupation”, The Living Age (17 February 1923), pp. 394-396; @


                      2. Hungary: Red Terror and the Rumanian Intervention

                      3. Italy: Birth of Fascism and the March on Rome

                                a. Narratives

                                b. Firsthand Accounts

  • Carli, Mario: Fascismo Intransigente ()


                      4. The Dwarf Empires: Czechoslovakia & Yugoslavia

           5. War, Continued: Greece, Turkey, and the Smyrna Massacre

                       6. War, Continued: Ireland, 1919-1924


               F. China: Dynastic Collapse and Nationalist/Communist “Alliance”,  1911-1927

XI. Roaring 20’s

            A. America and the “Return to Normalcy”

            B. Britain: Imperial Twilight

            C. Italy: Making the Trains Run “on time”

            D. Spain: Internal Politics and the Rif War

            E. France: Toward the Second Encirclement

            F. Germany and Russia: the Internal Power Struggle, 1923-1929

       G. Japan: The Serpent’s Egg – Military/Civilian Politics and the China Problem

XII. Debt, Leverage, and the Great Ponzi: How it Works…Until It Doesn’t

             A. The Crash, American-Style: From Hoover to Roosevelt, 1929-1936

             B. The Crash, British-Style: Imperial Rot and Collective Guilt, 1929-36

         C. The Crash, French-Style: Class War and the Collapse of the Second Encirclement

             D. The Crash, Spanish-Style: Toward Civil War, 1929-1936

             E. The Crash, German-Style: Hitler Ascendant, 1929-1936

             F. The Crash, Russian-Style: Stalin Ascendant, 1929-1936

                        1. Crafting the Communist Terror State

                        2. The Red Terror-Famine, 1929-1933

             G. The Crash, Asian-Style: Japan Attacks China, 1929-1936

XIII. The Converging Wars, 1936-1939

                A. Spain: Nationalist Uprising and Civil War, 1936-1939

                B. Japan vs. China…and Russia, 1937-1939

                C. Russia: Internal War – The Great Terror, 1937-1939

                D. France: Class War and Popular Front, 1936-39

         E. Germany & Italy: Fascist Alliance, Ethiopian War, and Versailles Undone, 1936-1939

                                      1. Liberation of the Rhineland

                          2. Germany and International Zion: from the Transfer Agreement to Kristalnacht

                                      3. Italy and Ethiopia…vs. Ethiopia

                            4. The Prodigal Son Returns: Germany, Austria and the Anschluss

                                      5. Munich: Liberation of the Sudetenland

                                      6.Collapse of a Dwarf Empire, or, Goodbye Czecho-Slovakia


         F. The Sino-Japanese War, 1936-1939: Failure of the Nationalist-Communist Alliance, and Fracture Between Germany and Japan

  XIV. 1939: Outbreak of The European War

                A. Nazi-Communist Conspiracy and Co-Aggression: the Hitler-Stalin Pact, August 1939-December 1939

                               1. Liquidation and Partition of Poland

                                               a. narratives

                                               b. firsthand accounts

                               2. Red Empire attacks Finland, first phase

                                               a. narratives

                                               b. firsthand accounts

                              3. The European War, 1st Phase, September 1939-March 1940

                                               a. “Sitzkrieg” in the West


                                                            -firsthand accounts

                                                b. Air War Over Europe, 1st Phase


                                                              -firsthand accounts

                                                 c. Battle of the Atlantic, 1st Phase


                                                               -firsthand accounts

  XV. Hitler and Churchill Widen the War: Denmark & Norway, March-April 1940



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